Project Inspire: Being a Vulnerability Hawk

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Sometimes the word “vulnerability” is a bad thing – like a weakness.  But in relationships, it means when we are expressing our feelings, even subtle feelings.  It is vulnerable to express feelings because it is important that people respond to these expressions well.   

So being a vulnerability hawk means being on the lookout for people expressing tender feelings (such as sadness, fear, and hope) and swooping down to offer a response that validates their experience just as it is.  


Here’s Jonathan and Sarah discussing this concept:

How to be a vulnerability hawk:

  • Begin by listening: Let your partner know that you’re paying attention and accepting of their experience, whatever it may be, by making gentle eye contact and letting your face respond naturally to the emotions your partner is expressing.
  • Offer understanding: Express that you’ve heard what your partner conveyed, you understand its meaning from their perspective, and that it makes sense given who they are and what they’re going through. 
  • Express caring: Let your partner know that you care about them in any way that feels natural to you and is appropriate to the relationship.

Give this a try today when the opportunity arises!

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