Project Inspire: Disconnecting from Media

Hello and welcome back!

Today’s activity is designed to help you understand your relationship with the various forms of media in your life and how that effects your well being.

Can you challenge yourself to disconnect from one or more media types for a day?


Please listen as Mavis and Fabiana discuss this activity.

Thoughts for today:

  • The goal is to limit the amount of news media you consume, in the hopes that you’ll notice an improvement in your mood and connections to others.
  • You could choose a complete day of disconnecting from media sources, or it could be taking in less than usual – whatever feels right for you.
  • Try to notice if these things go together: Your media consumption, your mood, and your feelings of connection to others.

Mavis and Fabiana gave this a try and you can listen to how it went:

Before you go!

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