Project Inspire: Expanding Your Social Group

Hello and welcome back!

Today’s activity involves thinking about and expanding your idea of your group or family.

In this challenging time, it is really helpful for us to feel connected to a group that is larger than ourselves. 


Here a few ideas from Jonathan to help you identify the right group for you.

The activity:

  • Reach out to 3 – 5 members of groups you’ve selected – purposefully choosing people with whom you don’t often connect
  • The idea is to expand your existing social circles a bit
  • Send a message, or even better, call or video-chat with them

Here’s some thoughts from Mavis and Adam about today’s activity:

You don’t have to wait for challenging thoughts (like self-criticism or worries) or negative feelings (like anxiety or sadness) to go away before reaching out to the people you care about most. 

Take your thoughts and feelings with you each day as you choose what to do and how to do it.

Before you go!

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