Project Inspire: Giving to Others

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Research indicates that acts of kindness and altruism towards others are crucial not only in supporting the other person, but also for our own well-being. One study shows that, if you are given $5, your happiness will be greater if you give it to someone else than if you keep it.

Today’s activity is to consider reaching out to someone who may be struggling right now because of the COVID-19 crisis, or the changes that have happened because of the crisis. You may think of someone you know well, or maybe it is someone you’ve never met.

Reach out to someone today and help them in a concrete way. Notice their reaction and your own.


Jonathan and Fabiana discuss the nature of this activity:

And they share how it went for them:

Some ideas to consider:

  • Check on your neighbors (call, text, or leave a note under their door or in their mailbox), especially if they are elderly. You might write a note with a short message – something like, “I’m your neighbor, and am reaching out in case you might need something. Please let me know if I can help.” 
  • Give money to any social service group you value.
  • Give blood! The red cross notes that this can be done safely.
  • Support local food banks and/or Meals on Wheels.
  • Order delivery or buy gift cards from your favorite local restaurants that need help right now.
  • Pay what you are able to babysitters, housecleaners, or others who you financially support even if services have been put on hold.
  • Donate to Direct Relief or YWCA.
  • Provided you are not at elevated risk, offer to go grocery shopping for friends or family who are at risk.
  • Reach out to those who may be lonely via phone, Facetime, email or Skype.
  • Teach a skill over Youtube (how to draw, how to sing, how to cook, etc.)
  • If you know a health care worker, first responder or someone with an essential job, offer to do chores for them (e.g., childcare, pet sitting, making meals, etc.), or just call them and ask them what they need. 
  • If you can sew (or want to learn!), learn to make face masks for your family and friends.
  • Support your local Asian market, which might have fewer customers due to racism surrounding the virus.
  • If this is consistent with your local social distancing guidelines, on, start a teddy bear hunt for kids and families going for walks by asking neighbors to put teddy bears in their windows.
  • Build a neighborhood pod.
  • Create simple art projects and leave them on your neighbors’ doorsteps or send to local nursing homes

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