Project Inspire: Taking it on the Road

Hello and welcome back!

Thank you for participating in this project and we sincerely hope you are able to take the experience with you and continue to benefit from the activities you’ve engaged in through the process.

A few tips to take with you:

Tip 1: If you found an activity or two that were particularly helpful for you, or you really enjoyed, please continue! Trust your experience to know what works best for you, and make a commitment to supporting your health by continuing to take care of yourself and reach out to others you care about in the ways that feel best for you. 

Tip 2: While we encourage spontaneity, we know your best chance of keeping up these practices will be to keep a list/log of your “to do” exercises for each day, and to stay in regular contact with people who would like to join you. We encourage you to reach out today or tomorrow to one or more people in your life and make a plan to continue this work in whatever way feels right to you. 

Tip 3: One last reminder that you don’t have to wait for challenging thoughts (like self-criticism or worries) or negative feelings (like anxiety or sadness) to go away before you start reaching out to the people you care about most. See if you can continue taking your thoughts and feelings with you each day as you choose what to do and how to do it.


Jonathan and Mavis share a few parting thoughts:

That’s all for now. We wish you the best!